Principal Officers

The Vice Chancellor


PhD. (Folklore & Ethnomusicology), MPhil. (Linguistics), BA. (Drama/Theatre Studies & Linguistics), Ad. Dip. (English).

The Rector is the Chief Executive Officer of the Polytechnic and the Head of Academic Affairs as well as the disciplinary officer of the Polytechnic. He is being assisted by two Vice Rectors.  The Rector’s office has an Assistant Registrar in charge of Secretariat, Mr Baba Yaka Abdulai (MBA-Information Technology, BMS, HND (Sec/Mgt.) and a Senior Administrative Assistant.

Pro Vice Chancellor


PhD (Architectural Science), PGD (Architecture), BSc (Architecture)

The Pro VC’s office is responsible for all Academic related issues in the University. The office coordinates all academic and other related matters for the benefit of all staff, students and the entire community. The Pro Vice Chancellor also acts in the absence of the Vice Chancellor.





Alhaji Yakubu Iddrisu

MPA (Ghana), PGD (Organizational Development), BA (Ghana).

The office is being manned by the University Registrar, whose office covers all areas of Administrative activities and responsible to the Vice Chancellor for day-to-day administration of the University to support teaching, research and extension services.

There are other staff members of various grades in the registry directly under the Registrar are:

  • Senior Assistant Registrar (Academic),
  • Senior Assistant Registrar (General Administration),
  • Senior Assistant Registrar (Human Resource)
  • Senior Assistant Registrar (Public Relations)
  • Senior Assistant Registrar (FM Station)
  • Assistant Registrar (Protocol Services)
  • Assistant Registrar (Students Records)
  • Assistant Registrar (Admission)
  • Assistant Registrar (Alumina)
  • Assistant Registrar (Training and Development)
  • Assistant Registrar (Directorate of ICT Services)
  • Assistant Registrar (School of Business)
  • Assistant Registrar (School of Engineering)
  • Assistant Registrar (School of Applied Arts)
  • Assistant Registrar (School of Applied Science)
The Finance Officer

Dr Mahama Wayo

PhD (Acct), CA (GH), MBA (Acct),  B. Com, Dip. Ed.

The office takes charge of the University’s Finances and ensures that the proper books of accounts are kept, including annual preparation of financial statements, Budgets and other financial reports. The Finance Officer is deputized by Alhaji Abdul-Razak Alhassan (MBA - Banking and Finance, CA (GH), B.Com). The office also has a Senior Accountant,  four Accountants.


Mr Bawa Sakibu

MA (Library Studies), BA (Integrated Development Studies)

The Librarian is responsible for the management and supervision of all library functions in efficient, timely and accurate manner and maintaining its relationship with external bodies, such as supplies, publishers and book sellers. The Librarian is being assisted by:

  • Assistant Librarian and
  • other supporting staff of various grade

The library is an essential part of all academic activities. students and staff of the University therefore continue to make extensive use of library facilities. The stocktaking of library property has been made, and a descriptive list of CDs available in the library compiled.

Internal Auditor

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