Principal Officers

Office Of The Vice Chancellor


PhD. (Folklore & Ethnomusicology), MPhil. (Linguistics), BA. (Drama/Theatre Studies & Linguistics), Ad. Dip. (English).

The Rector is the Chief Executive Officer of the Polytechnic and the Head of Academic Affairs as well as the disciplinary officer of the Polytechnic. He is being assisted by two Vice Rectors.  The Rector’s office has an Assistant Registrar in charge of Secretariat, Mr Baba Yaka Abdulai (MBA-Information Technology, BMS, HND (Sec/Mgt.) and a Senior Administrative Assistant.

Pro Vice Chancellor's Office


PhD (Architectural Science), PGD (Architecture), BSc (Architecture)

The Pro VC’s office is responsible for all Academic related issues in the University. The office coordinates all academic and other related matters for the benefit of all staff, students and the entire community. The Pro Vice Chancellor also acts in the absence of the Vice Chancellor.




Registrar's Office

Alhaji Yakubu Iddrisu

All Administrative work is run by the University's Registrar. He is assisted by Senior Assistant Registrar (Academic), Senior Assistant Registrar (General Administration), Senior Assistant Registrar (Human Resource) and Senior Assistant Registrar (Public Relations)

Senior Assistant Registrar (Academic)

Mr. Abdullai Wumbei

The Academic section of the Registry is responsible for student admissions and keeping of relevant records on all students in the University. The Senior Assistant Registrar (Academic) assists the Registrar in carrying out Administrative activities at the Academic Affairs Unit . He is also being assisted by two Assistant Registrars, Mr. Marvin Senanu Akyea who is in charge of Students records. Mr. Banayen Robert Anamuweh   in charge of admissions and Administrative Assistants.There are Assistant Registrars in the various schools who assist the Deans to run the day to day affairs of the schools. They also report directly to the Senior Assistant Registrar (Academic).


Senior Assistant Registrar (Public Relations)

Alhaji Mohammed Aziz

The public Relations Unit serves as a mouth piece of the University to the outside world and also helps in information dissemination in the Institution. The Senior Assistant Registrar (Public Relations) assists the Registrar and He is also being assisted by Assistant Registrar (Media and Protocol ) Services, Senior Assistant Registrar FM  and Assistant Registrar  Alumina.


Senior Assistant Registrar (Human Resource)

Mr. Bawa M. Wumbei

The HR Unit of the Registry takes care of all recruitment policies, Staff promotions and general welfare of all employees in the organization. The Senior Assistant Registrar (Human Resource) assists the Registrar in carrying out all labour related issues. In the office are Assistant Registrar in charge of Staff Development and Assistant registrar in charge of Appointments and Promotions. In addition there are two Principal Administrative Assistants, and a Messenger.


Examinations Office

Mr. Spencer Halm Appiah

The Examination Office is in charge of all manner of examinations in the University. And examination committee is put in place to work assiduously towards organizing reliable examinations. The committee is assisted by examination officers from each Department, who collage examinations within their respective units. The examinations officer is assisted by Senior Administrative Assistant and a Principal Administrative Assistant.


Senior Resident Tutor

Alhaji Ibrahim Osman

The Senior Resident Tutor is in charge of all the halls of residents and supervises the activities of the Hall Masters and Mistresses to ensure proper delivery of services in the University halls of residence. He is being assisted by a senior Administrative Assistant in the office


The Finance Office

The office takes charge of the University’s Finances and ensures that the proper books of accounts are kept, including annual preparation of financial statements, Budgets and other financial reports